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Grady Brit/East Campus Drive, Louisiana State University at AlexandriaProvided professional services for hydraulic of existing drainage for entire campus, removal and replacement of large diameter pipe crossing at intersection of Grady Brit and East Campus Drive, open channel discharge study to re-size culvert crossing and open ditch.


The Lake District - Lake Construction Improvements:  Provided retention design of three ponds with levee systems and overflow structures, geometric layout, earthwork balancing for sculpting planned housing for The Lake District Subdivision, City of Alexandria.


The Lake District - Storm Water Pump Station:  40,000 gallon per minute Pump station for the Phase I development of  The Lake District Subdivision, City of Alexandria.


Connie Drive Subdivision Project – Completed 2007: Provided professional services for this project which consisted of a ring levee system, stormwater pump station, subsurface drainage improvements and approximately 3000 feet of diversion channel from US Hwy 71 to protect a small HUD housing project (approx. 18 Acres) in rural Natchitoches Parish near Campti, LAConstruction Cost:  $650,000   Owner:  Natchitoches Parish Housing Authority.


Grundy Cooper/Cloverdale Flood Control Project – 1999 to 2003Provided professional service for this project which included diverting approximately 60 acres of off-site drainage around an older subdivision located near Alexandria.  The 10 foot flat bottom diversion channel is approximately 4000 and includes clearing & grubbing, erosion control, bank stabilization, restoration of agricultural fields and new rip rap armored outfall at LA State Hwy 28.  The existing culvert crossings along the streets within the subdivision are to be replaced to meet current design criteria.  Construction Cost:  $750,000.   Owner:  Rapides Parish Police Jury.   POC:  Cecil Raggio, P.E., Director of Public Works 


WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS, FIFTH WARD, LA:  Prepared the design for improvements to an expansion of the water system.  It consisted of 3,000 LF of 6" line and control valves devoted to an increase of pressure and flow volume at Booster Station #2.


WATER MAIN REPLACEMENTS, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  Provided all engineering and surveying services, and monitored construction activities for the replacement of seven (7) water mains totaling 7,540 LF in length and seven (7) instrumentation control loops. 


250,000 GALLON ELEVATED STORAGE TANK AND IMPROVEMENTS, MORROW, LA:  Provided professional services to construct a new 250,000 gallon elevated water storage tank and connect to an existing 8" water main.  Ballard acquired funding for the Morrow Water System through FHA part loan and part grant.  The project is located in a rural area near Big Cane, LA.  The project included: Construction of a 250,000 gallon elevated water storage tank, approximately 140' high supported by a multi-legged wet riser system; Installation of miscellaneous yard piping to connect to the existing 8" water main and the new fire hydrant; Installation of transmitter panel to connect telemetry system to booster pumps off site; Rewire receiver panel at booster pumps to recognize telemetry system; Construct gravel access road to site with culvert; and Installation of 6' commercial/industrial chain link fence.


NEW WATER WELL AND APPURTENANCES- SOUTHWEST AVOYELLES WATER DISTRICT:  Prepared construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates for a new water well and appurtenances; for the installation of a new 8" line adjacent to Parish Road 3041; the installation of a new 6" water line to the Goux Subdivision; and for the installation of various other water lines in the District. These two (2) contract awards for Engineering Services for the Avoyelles Parish Police Jury in connection with the LCDBG No. 101-5001 and No. 101-6002 at Southwest Avoyelles Water District were received in the latter part of 1994.  Topographic surveys for design purposes, and property plats for the acquisition of required easements or right-of-way were performed.


VEHICLE MAINTENANCE SHOPS, US ARMY, FT. HOOD, TX:  Provided designs for sophisticated vehicle maintenance facilities which involved two (2) organizational support shops and two (2) direct support shops to be used by the US Army’s 1st Cavalry Division at Ft. Hood, TX.  Encompassing a total of 175,000 sq. ft. of building space, construction was scheduled for FY 1994 at a cost of $33M.  35% contract documents, including a CACES prepared construction cost estimate, were completed by Ballard CLCs’ staff and submitted for review within ten (10) weeks of receipt of a notice-to-proceed; this accelerated schedule was necessitated by funding commitments.  Final design for this complex was projected to be completed in 1993.  In addition to the four (4) maintenance buildings, the project included full site development involving over 195,000 sq yd of hardstand, security fencing and lighting, detached guard houses and POL storage, and several off-site improvements involving water/sewer/gas mains and services, four (4) lane arterial street construction, traffic controls, and parking.  All work was conducted on an Intergraph CADD system.  The water lines designed for this project included 1,900 LF of 6-inch mains, 5,000 LF of 8-inch mains, and 1,400 LF of 12-inch mains.  All members of our design staff worked on the project in order to meet the accelerated schedule requirements.


RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENTS, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  Provided plans and designs for  some forty- (40) residential developments (subdivisions and trailer parks) in the Alexandria Metropolitan area during the preceding years.  Servicing approximately 1,400 home sites, the utility systems included water, gas, sewer distribution mains, sewer pump stations, treatment plant and sewer force mains.  Some areas also included the incorporation of underground power, telephone and cable TV, storm drain collection system, pump stations and on-site retention systems.  All of these developments represent over 100 miles of pipeline.




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