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BORDEN CHEMICAL CO, ALEXANDRIA, LAProvided all architectural, civil, and structural engineering continuously since January 1989 for an ongoing series of projects for a chemical manufacturing facility.    Piping and material storage designs based on processes furnished by the plant engineers were also provided.  (10) work orders for the improvements at the plant since 1989 are as follows:

¨ Provided the foundation design for the placement of a new raw material storage silo adjacent to the existing tank farm.  Locating the silo between existing structures controlled the type of foundation structure that required design.

¨ Building Expansion for the RTU Addition.  Project included new building to house mixing tank and equipment support; foundation and containment walls for new urea tank, and associated drainage and wash down water return system.

¨ Structural renovations to walls and roof systems of fifty year old 20,000 SF masonry warehouse.

¨ Piping of the raw material and product lines from tank farm and process to the truck load/unload facility.

¨ Building - renovations to the office area and structural changes in the process area to improve spillage containment.

¨ Addition on new motor control center building and employee restrooms.

¨ Truck facilities - a (3) bay loading dock including pumps for liquid materials, an  independent drainage system for spillage containment, relocation of the wax emulsion products loading dock, 9,800 SF removable roof structure over the tank farm/truck bay area, truck scale with access ramps and controls.

¨ Storm water control - a flood protection system consisting of earthen beams and concrete walls/curbs forming a barrier around the plant and a 1500 GPM storm water pumping system.

¨ Parking lot - reconstruction of existing parking areas, relocation of the plant entrance gate, new parking areas and industrial duty access roads.

¨ Product sludge drying bed with mobile canopy and access ramp. 


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THE WILLAMETTE VALLEY COMPANY, PINEVILLE, LA:  Provided Preliminary and Final Plans for a corporate office and warehouse complex for the Southern Division of a national wood products manufacturing company.  Estimated to have a construction cost of $2.6M, the project includes a 5,100 sq. ft office building and a 43,500 sq. ft. production facility and warehouse.  The office break areas, and rest rooms.  Features include loading docks for both truck and rail transport, 4 hr rated interior fire walls, building provides working space for (20) people and includes conference/administrative areas, executive offices and support spaces. Designed for handicapped access, the building includes an exterior colonnade and an interior clerestory. The production facility houses production, packaging, shipping, storage, administrative, and personnel support areas including locker rooms, 14’ x 12' doors, and electronic security systems; gas-powered forklift trucks are used for material handling and the warehouse design includes an OSHA approved HVAC system designed to handle exhaust emissions.  This facility meets explosion proof design requirements.  The complex is placed on a 60-acre urban site that includes access roads, parking, fencing and security gates, outside lighting, landscaping, and utility services.


COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPIProvided engineering services on several projects for this plant facility which manufactures creosote timber cross ties and custom fabricated timber.  The firm provided civil and structural engineering, electrical engineering, and process design.  Work orders for the improvements at the plant are listed as follows:

¨ Provide the process design and structural engineering for the installation of two (2) new creosote work tanks.  The project included new foundations for the tanks, pipe layout drawings, new instrumentation, bill of materials, and updating piping and instrument diagrams.

¨ Provide drawings, produced on CAD, which show a complete layout with dimensions of the process building, pressure treatment cylinders, tank farm and all associated piping and equipment.

¨ Provide the design for a foundation to support a new, automated tie packaging conveyor system.  Included was a building to provide protection from the weather for a part of the system and to house all operating systems.

¨ Provide the foundation design and the design to expand the containment pit for the installation of an additional oil-water separator to treat the plant processes waste water.

¨ Provide complete piping and instrument diagrams for their creosote treatment process, which uses three (3) separate pressure treatment cylinders.  All drawings were produced on CAD.


THE CALVERT CO, JACKSON, MSProvided Structural Engineering services to this electrical equipment manufacturer since 1992.  The company provides high voltage, insulated electrical bus conduits under the label "Iso-Phase" to a variety of industrial clients throughout Africa, the far East, the Caribbean, Canada and the U.S.  This equipment is primarily used as in-plant connectors between generation plants and transmission facilities; all installations are custom designed for specific applications.  Ballard CLC, Inc. supports this effort through development of routing plans, analysis of existing and/or planned structures, and design of support framework for the conduit system.


CLECO Rodemacher Power Plant, Lena, LA:  Consultant for inspection of all earthen dams and dikes on the 4,000-acre Rodemacher Lake and prepared engineering reports evaluating structural integrity.  Provided building design services for Maintenance Shop Addition.  Also, provided engineering owner's representation services for $850,000,000 upgrade to the Rodemacher Power Station (CLECO).   Numerous miscellaneous surveys including design, wetlands,  mitigation areas and other incidentals associated with the project.  Design surveys for large lagoon construction for bottom ash and fly ash storage.   Evaluated hydraulic dredge plan for Red River barge entry to the Rodemacher Power Station and designed alternative plan currently being implemented.  Evaluated and monitored construction of large off-load facility on Red River where coal is offloaded and transported via new conveyor to the plant.   Designed Maintenance Shop Addition with 15-ton overhead crane used for  maintenance of large front end loaders which move coal to operate plant.


ELDER WOOD PRESERVING COMPANY, MANSURA, LAPreparation of a master plan that would serve as a guide in determining the prioritized order of planned improvements over the next several years. This plan addressed several specific concerns including increased inventory, revision to the layout of the wood yard, rehabilitation of process drip pad, covered product storage, dust control, drainage and storm water runoff, etc. 


INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY, DERIDDER, LAThe project involved grading and drainage improvements of a 60 acre site at the Wood Yard and Open Storage areas of the plant.  The work consisted of earthwork and excavation for drainage ditches and retention ponds, pipe culvert and drain inlet installation, soil cement stabilization of storage areas and roads to reduce rutting by heavy equipment.  Ballard CLC, Inc. provided all the required surveying and engineering services for the project.


DOLET HILLS HAUL ROAD, MANSFIELD, LA6,000 LF of industrial access road serving the coal storage yard at an electric generating plant.  The work included drainage improvements and a concrete containment structure for the coal reclamation system.  The firm provided surveys, engineering, and construction inspection.


MANUFACTURING PLANT, CAMPTI, LAA 11,000 sq/ft industrial building designed for the manufacture of boat trailers.  Features include offices, rest rooms, parts storage, a paint booth, and an overhead crane system.  The firm furnished all design, survey, and construction monitoring services for the total building and site development.


PROCTER & GAMBLE IMPROVEMENTS, PINEVILLE, LA:  Provided professional services to this soap manufacturing facility since the mid 1980’s and includes over (130) projects involving $25M in various improvements throughout the 100 acre urban site.  Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, and Structural Engineering; Landscape Architecture; and Land Surveying expertise has been used and we have provided other technical services in the fields of CADD technology, construction monitoring, structural steel detailing and model construction.  A brief summary follows:

¨ Industrial Engineering work included the development of packing line #7 and involved a scale model, space planning, improvements to the feed conveyor and dust collection systems, and electrical/mechanical/structural improvements.  Other work included analysis of the Furnace Control Room, a scale model of the 5th/6th floors of the Making Tower to support installation of new equipment, development of plant process and air-flow diagrams, analysis of on/off-site warehouse space including a scale model, and a scale model of the NE quadrant of the site.

¨ Design work included new Motor Control Center and Guard House/Visitor Entrance Buildings; renovations to the Perfume, Training, and MSG Buildings and the MSG Laboratory in the Tower Building; a testing lab; analysis of fire escapes to insure compliance with Building Codes, a rendering of modifications to the main building, and Conference Room renovations.  A Master Plan determined the best use of all facilities and needed improvements and work involved the development of work flow diagrams and functional/decision-making matrices.

¨ Structural Engineering work involved a multitude of improvements throughout the plant including bridge and monorail cranes, walkways, ladders, supports, reinforcing, cooling tower, platforms, etc.  A major improvement involved an 80 ft high stair tower.

¨ Civil Engineering work included surveys and preparation of a map showing improvements/topography, and a truck entrance road, guard shack, and loading facility at the north end of the site.  Other projects included renovation of the wastewater collection/pumping system and an analysis of the expansion of highway US 165 in front of the plant.  Other Civil Engineering work included site utility location surveys, control surveys for in-plant equipment placement, topographic surveys for a new RR spur track and the analysis/design of various foundation failures.

¨ An Intergraph CADD system was developed which is dedicated to the conversion of "as-built" plant construction drawings to digital format.  The firm conducted the facilities/space planning and we also staff the system w/(2) full-time operators.