Ballard CLC desires to be the engineer and surveyor of choice because of the value we provide to our clients through cost-effective and timely design solutions, which are tailored to our clients’ needs.  Ballard CLC also desires to be the employer of choice for current and potential employees.

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1001 Bayou Place

Alexandria, LA 71303

Ph (318) 445-6571

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Providing Quality Engineering, Planning, and Surveying Services

Since 1908

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Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Design, Environmental Assessments, and Surveying


Ballard CLC seeks to satisfy our clients by developing designs that function as the client intends within the established budget and in a timely manner for the purpose of generating repeat and referred business and providing a challenging and rewarding work environment.


¨ Our Client’s Opinion and Desires


¨ Our Employees—Our Most Valuable Assets


¨ Common Sense—The Starting Point for Better Design Solutions


¨ Trust & Integrity


¨ Innovation


¨ Technical Excellence & Continued Improvement


¨ Our Community


¨ Confidentiality


¨ Increased Client Satisfaction


¨ Repeat & Referred Business


¨ Retain Well-Qualified & Satisfied Employees


¨ Increased Profitability