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Please click the links for further information on the three projects listed below:


¨ City of Alexandria-Broadway Resource Center

¨ City of Alexandria-Consolidated City Compound

¨ Minden, LA-Minden Recreation Complex


CLECO Rodemacher Power Plant, Lena, LA:  Consultant for inspection of all earthen dams and dikes on the 4,000-acre Rodemacher Lake and prepared engineering reports evaluating structural integrity.  Provided building design services for Maintenance Shop Addition.  Also, provided engineering owner's representation services for $850,000,000 upgrade to the Rodemacher Power Station (CLECO).   Numerous miscellaneous surveys including design, wetlands,  mitigation areas and other incidentals associated with the project.  Design surveys for large lagoon construction for bottom ash and fly ash storage.   Evaluated hydraulic dredge plan for Red River barge entry to the Rodemacher Power Station and designed alternative plan currently being implemented.  Evaluated and monitored construction of large off-load facility on Red River where coal is offloaded and transported via new conveyor to the plant.   Designed Maintenance Shop Addition with 15-ton overhead crane used for  maintenance of large front end loaders which move coal to operate plant.



Re-roofing of the Avoyelles Parish Courthouse including waterproofing of the parapets and copings.  Built in 1916, the courthouse building is listed on the National Historic Register and the work was done in accordance with the criteria established for such buildings.


CITY OF ALEXANDRIA, REROOF CITY HALL: Existing built-up roof was replaced with new built-up system and cast concrete vaults were covered in aluminum-clad modified bitumen cap sheet.  Existing promenade deck was waterproofed and drains were replaced.  Project was brought in $95K under budget, and a new cooling tower was purchased with the remaining project monies.