Jackson Street ImprovementsReconstruction and widening of 3,000 LF of Jackson Street from Bolton Avenue to 24th Street.  The project included drainage improvements and relocation of utilities.  The firm provided all professional services, including surveying.

Jackson Street

Heyman Lane Improvements:  Reconstruction of 3,300 LF of Heyman Lane from Coliseum Blvd to Jackson Street under both Urban System Requirements for DOTD and City of Alexandria design requirements.  This project included the removal of the existing 20' Asphaltic concrete roadway with open ditches; replace 3,300 linear with 28' Portland Concrete with Curb and Gutter including subsurface drainage; Geometric Layout and Typical sections to include the wider roadway section with turn lanes and new alignment; relocate existing gas and water utilities including services and high pressure gas transmission line.  Coordinate with power and phone services for relocations; replace driveways and add sidewalk for residences; remove and replace existing 7 side roads including blvd; detour signage, sequence of construction and signalization layout; and convert project to metric during design phase.

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Monroe Street Improvements:  Reconstruction of 1,500 LF of Monroe Street.  The project included improvements to the Bolton Avenue/Monroe Street intersection and the storm drainage system.  The firm provided engineering and surveying services.

Monroe StreetNorth Mall DriveNorth Mall Dr

North Mall Drive Improvements:  Widening and reconstruction of approximately 2,800 linear feet of 4-lane urban arterial street.  Project includes drainage, utilities, concrete paving and (3) signalized intersections.

Washington St

Washington Street at I-49 Underpass Improvements:  Foundation, shoring and sheet pile design for Missouri Pacific Railroad at Washington Street Underpass and I-49.

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