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Project Owner’s Name/Address:

City Of Alexandria

P.O. Box 71

Alexandria, LA  71309


Project Manager’s Name & Phone Number:

Ms. Delores Brewer,

Capital Projects Coordinator

(318) 449-5086


Completion Date:  October 2002


Estimated Cost:  $890,000

Work for which Firm was / is responsible:   100%

City of Alexandria

Broadway Resource CenterBroadway Resource Center

This building consists of several multi-purpose spaces for municipal functions, police department, neighborhood groups, and state agencies, and was designed in this multi-function role.  Important concepts for the building included sustainability, economy of operation, use of leading edge infrastructure systems, and aesthetics.  The roof envelope includes a passive convection vent between the metal roof skin and the deck to allow hot air to completely vent at its louvered cupula.  An 8’ wide overhang was used to allow ground reflected natural light as a primary source of illumination around the buildings perimeter walls, which include a continuous clear glass transom above the opaque walls where storefront glass is not the major component.  The issue of site pollution from cars was addressed by designing a botanical stormwater bio-retention area.  This “pond” will collect all pavement and site water runoff and will filter the water of all pollutants, before allowing the stormwater to channel and run down secondary planted swales along both property lines to the street.  This feature further educates the public by being part of a grant program which uses the neighborhood participants to learn about, as well as maintain, this wetland ecosystem for the benefit of all involved.  The HVAC system was designed with four separate zones/units to maximize the buildings efficiency.


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