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Project Owner’s Name/Address:

Headquarter , JRTC and Fort Polk


Project Manager:

Capt. Jonathan Howell, OPSGRP PEMC

(337) 531-0146


Completion Date:  February 2005


Estimated Cost:  $3M


Work for which Firm was / is responsible:   100%





At North Range

Ft. Polk, LA

Ft Polk

This project was to extend the existing electrical power grid within the JRTC Range to five (5) Forward Operating Bases and two (2) large Urban Sprawl training sites.  Ballard CLC was lead consultant to provide Electrical and Civil design services.  This design-build project provided permanent electrical service to existing and proposed remote training sites and replaced the need for portable and expensive generator sets to serve the Mission Rehearsal Exercises (MREs).  Engineering design services consisted of investigation of the selected sites; development of preliminary site plans and schematic electrical plans; layout of training buildings; route selection for extending electrical service; design of the underground secondary distribution system; selection of transformers and distribution panels; construction details for installation of the system; provisions for future site lighting; and As-Built Surveys of the installed systems.


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