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GRAVITY SEWER/PUMP STATION - HWY 28 WEST, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  Construction of 3,700 LF of 8" sanitary sewer including Hwy 28 Crossing, 1,500 LF of 6" force main, and one 200 GPM wet well mounted suction lift pump station on Highway 28 West.  The project included topographic surveys and construction inspection.


GRAVITY SEWER AND PUMP STATION - LA HWY 498 AT I-49, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  Construction of 4,000 LF of 8", 3,000 LF of 6" force main, and one 200 GPM pump station to serve development of area that included new Burger King and McDonalds, LaQuinta Inn, new Truck Stop, and Best Western.


LAKE DISTRICT SUBDIVISION, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  Approximately 6,000 LF of sewer mains including 2 large pumping stations serving this privately funded multi-phased planned community connecting Versailles Blvd and Coliseum Blvd. in Alexandria.  The work included Master planning, surveys, design and construction administration.


NEW PUMP STATION AND FORCE MAIN - FT. POLK, LA:  Conversion of existing drainage pit pump station to a 900 G.P.M. wet well mounted suction lift station.  Phased construction without interruption of service.  Included 3,000 LF of 8" parallel force main.


REHABILITATE PUMP STATION-FAMILY HOUSING, FT. POLK, LA: Replace and upgrade existing pump equipment in existing 1,200 G.P.M. dry pit pump station without interruption of service.  Project included replacement of station header and all valves. 


RENOVATION OF NORTH FT. POLK WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT, FT. POLK, LA:  Renovation of 4.5 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant Phases I and II.  Included design of a storm water holding lagoon, rehabilitation of all primary treatment facilities including the grit removal system, rehabilitation of secondary treatment facilities including the primary clarifier and trickling filter, new extended aeration basin, additional in-plant piping, new effluent and stormwater pump station, and 16" force main.


MONROE STREET PUMP STATION, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  Retrofit, upgrade and renovation of fifty year old stormwater pump station.  Includes 20,000 G.P.M. pumping capability, parallel 24-inch force mains, street construction and collection system.


WINDEMERE SEWER, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  5,000 LF of 8 TO 18" diameter interceptor sewer serving Alexandria’s west side.  The path of the line included a special design creek crossing, trench dewatering, design shoring system.  Ballard CLC provided all technical services including surveys, design, construction monitoring, and coordination.


TREATMENT PLANT MODIFICATIONS, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  Expansion of a municipal sewage treatment plant from 20 to 40 MGD including additional wet-weather storage and solids handling units, a sludge dredging and transportation system, expansion of the effluent pumping station including 4,200 LF of 36" force main and a magnetic flow meter, and additional in-plant piping.  A joint venture provided all design and survey services and the monitoring of construction activities.


HEYMAN LANE STREET AND UTILITY IMPROVEMENTS, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  6,000 LF of 8 and 10-inch diameter gravity sewer mains relocated or adjusted to accommodate reconstruction of a major arterial street and drainage project.  The firm provided all technical services including surveys, design, construction monitoring, and coordination with state agencies.


VEHICLE MAINTENANCE SHOPS, US ARMY, FT. HOOD, TX:  A huge mission support facility that included sophisticated vehicle maintenance facilities consisting of  two organizational support shops and two direct support shops to be used by the US Army’s 1st Calvary Division at Ft. Hood, TX.  The completed project included a total of 175,000 sq. Ft. of building space, full site development involving over 195,000 sq. yd. of hardstand, security fencing and lighting, detached guard houses and POL storage, and several off-site improvements involving water/sewer/gas mains and services, four (4) lane arterial street construction, traffic controls, and parking.  All work had been conducted on a Intergraph CADD system.  The sanitary sewer improvements for this project featured 1,200 LF of 6-inch lines, 6,400 LF of 8-inch lines, 1,200 LF of 10-inch lines and 1,400 LF of 12-inch lines.


BORDEN CHEMICAL CO., ALEXANDRIA, LA:  Improvements to a chemical manufacturing facility necessitated by I-49 construction and new environmental regulations including:

¨ Storm water control - a flood protection system consisting of earthen beams and concrete walls/curbs forming a barrier around the plant and a 1,500 G.P.M. storm water pumping system.

Upon completion in 1990, the firm had provided all architectural and engineering services, and monitored construction.


PROCTER & GAMBLE IMPROVEMENTS, PINEVILLE, LA:  Of the twenty-one (21) work orders for improvements at this state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, projects included the wastewater collection master plan, analysis and rehabilitation of wastewater pumping station and collection improvements.  The firm provided all Engineering, Land Surveying, Drafting, and Construction Monitoring services required.


TITLE I SERVICES, ENGLAND AIR FORCE BASE, LA:  A two-year Indefinite Delivery contract involving Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying services for several projects including the following:

¨ Rehabilitation of 3,000 LF of sewer lines.

¨ Rehabilitate final base sewage pumping station including pumps, waterproofing the existing wet well, and new electrical controls.


ENGLAND AIR FORCE BASE INTERCEPTOR SEWER, ALEXANDRIA, LA:  30,000 LF of 30" diameter sewer interceptor connecting England Air Force Base to the City of Alexandria’s wastewater system at the 3rd Street Pump Station.  The project included renovation and expansion of the station to a capacity of 30 MGD.  The firm provided all technical services including surveys, design, construction monitoring, and coordination with state and federal agencies.

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