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Project Owner’s Name/Address:

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Davis, MD

516 Hillcrest Drive

Alexandria, LA  71301


Project Manager’s Name & Phone Number:

Mr. Rod Noles, General Manager

(318) 445-7653


Completion Date:  Phase I - 2002


Estimated Cost:  $6M


Work for which Firm was / is responsible:   100%



The Lake District

The Lake District is a 425 acre, upscale Planned Community consisting of low and high density residential areas, multi-family development and commercial areas.  It is the largest single development in the Alexandria area. The first phase of this development included 11,000 feet of street and sub-surface drainage, similar lengths of sanitary sewer, water, gas and underground electric distribution. 


The entire development is protected by a man-made levee and overflow weir structure and 120 cfs stormwater pump station.  Construction of the first phase, consisting of some 100 residential lots and 15 acres of commercial property.  Unique features included construction of some 20 acres of Lakes that serve as aesthetic improvements and also function as storm water retention basins; planning of winding sidewalks and walking paths along the Lakes and a natural “wetland” area to provide residents the ability to experience the natural beauty of the area.  


The project is the culmination of several years of planning by a team of professionals of which Ballard CLC was a prime partner.   Specific technical services provided by our firm included Master Planning, wetland surveying and permitting, design surveys, preparation of construction documents for the first phase and construction administration and observation.


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