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Bayou Rapides Development is a 76 acre, master planned, mixed-use community.  It contains areas for retail (10 +/- acres), commercial (34 +/- lots) and multi-family residential (approximately 200 units).  This development is the first Diverse Use Corridor (DUC) plan ever approved by the City of Alexandria.


Located at the corner of MacArthur Drive and Browns Bend Road, this development is exposed to one of the highest traffic counts (31,000 vehicles per day) in the Alexandria area.  Because of its location Bayou Rapides Development was planned to transition from retail near MacArthur Drive to general commercial and then to neighborhood commercial before transitioning  to multi-family residential.  The multi-family residential area was planned as a buffer to an adjoining single family residential subdivision. 


Bayou Rapides Development is a community where residents will have an opportunity to live, work, and play all within the confines of the development.  Ballard CLC master planned this development and its infrastructure.  Unique features include the design of several lakes and the design of walking paths and sidewalks.  The lakes will serve as aesthetic features as well as storm water retention for the entire development.  The walking paths and sidewalks will help promote foot and bicycle traffic within the development.


Specific technical services provided by our firm included Master Planning, wetland permitting, design surveys, and preparation of construction documents.  Ballard CLC’s office is also located within Bayou Rapides Development at 1001 Bayou Place.


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