Project Description

Ballard CLC, Inc. was selected by LA DOTD for the replacement of an Off System Bridge located on Welcome Cemetery Road at Menace Creek in Vernon Parish, LA, Structure Number P58-31166-93011-1.  This project included dismantling the existing bridge and replacing it with a new bridge within the same general alignment. The new bridge is a 60 foot concrete slab span bridge (3-20 foot AASHTO Girder spans), with 10 foot approach aprons at each end and the horizontal and vertical alignments for asphalt roadway transitions.  The bridge is supported by 16-inch concrete support piles with caps. Each bank was reshaped with a 3/1 slope and armor protected for proper drainage and erosion control with riprap.

Responsibilities included the topographic survey, hydraulics, roadway design, and preliminary and final plans preparation for the demolition and replacement of the Welcome Cemetery Road bridge over Menace Creek in Vernon Parish.  This included Design Supervision and Quality Control.