Project Description

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in late August 2017 just East of Corpus Christi Naval Air Station causing much damage to the existing facilities.  Ballard served as Designer of Record for this Design-Build team to make repairs to five aircraft hangars at the air station. Ballard successfully completed this fast track design in less than ninety days.

 The project consisted of design of roof replacements and miscellaneous repairs to Aircraft Hangars 51, 55, 56, 57 and 58, each about 56,000 square feet for total roof replacement of 280,000 square feet.  The repairs include, but are not limited to, the replacement of all existing modified bitumen roof areas, the replacement of roof access ladders located on exterior of the buildings, the extension of new downspouts draining to the lean-to roof levels, sealing of exterior windows, replacement of missing exterior wall trim, repair of vinyl fence and replacement of missing/damaged ceilings and carpet. In addition, the work includes disconnecting, removing and reinstalling/providing new electrical conduit and wiring, light fixtures, antenna systems, and lightning protection systems that interfere with permanent roof repairs.


Special Considerations:

  • Work conducted near an active flight line and required special training and permitting.
  • Building is part of a registered historic district.  
  • Exterior repairs made to maintain the buildings visual integrity of the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station Historic District.  
  • Repairs coordinated with the Base Cultural Resources Manager (CRM).
  • Roof repairs were designed and accomplished per UFC 3-110-03 entitled roofing.
  • Roofing insulation R-values conformed to ASHRAE 90.1.
  • Mechanical repairs also incorporated ASHRAE 90.1 guidelines where equipment was replaced.
  • Lightning protection system repairs conformed to UFC 3-575-01 for Lightning Protection and Static Electricity Protection Systems.