Project Description

Design/Build project with Flintco, Inc. and Rees Associates, Inc. for a new 900 bed medium security prison for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Project includes new housing units, offices, inmate facilities, security fencing, roads, and utility improvements. Ballard CLC was responsible for civil design services and surveying. The site is bordered by wetlands and the firm worked to avoid disturbing these areas. A design requirement was to have a “no-net increase” in storm water runoff for the project. Ballard analyzed existing conditions and designed the storm water system to flow into two retention basins constructed on site. These basins served as sedimentation basins during construction, trapping silt and runoff before it leaves the site to avoid harm to the environment. Once construction was completed, they functioned as retention basins to achieve the design requirements. Erosion control was also a design factor. To minimize silt runoff, hay bales, sediment check dams, temporary & permanent seeding was instituted early in construction to assist in mitigation measures.