Project Description

Ballard provided civil engineering site design for the New Readiness Center in Franklinton, LA that was significantly hurricane damaged. The new facility is 40,000 square feet. The site is 12.5 acres and includes parking for 105 privately owned vehicles, military parking for 150 large pieces of military vehicles and equipment including dozers and graders along with tractor trailers for moving this equipment. The design also includes a wash rack that features water reclamation system and a on-site fuel dispensing and storage tank. The design will be certified as LEED Silver including credits for Site Selection, Heat Island –Non Roof featuring pavement with a low solar reflective index (SRI) value, Alternative Transportation with a bicycle storage and changing room, and Alternative Transportation with parking for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles, Site Development to protect the habitat, Site Development to Maximize Open Space, Storm Water Design Quantity and Quality Control, and Water Use Reduction that features a recycled stormwater wash rack system.