Project Description

Ballard provided the surveying and civil engineering design for this significant drainage project constructed to protect several local subdivisions including Shirley Park and other areas west of Masonic Drive and paralleling Prescott Road between MacArthur Drive and Texas Avenue from frequent reoccurring street and residential lot flooding. This project encompassed a residential area that benefited with flood protection of approximately 428 homes. The project design included a very complex H&H model completed for Ballard by Freese and Nichols, as a subcontractor to analyze the existing conditions and confirm sizing of a new triple (3) 12×5 RCB culverts under Masonic Drive which conveyed to an existing ditch and new 9×4 RCB culvert with an outfall into two existing box culverts downstream in separate locations. This project completes a comprehensive multi-phase project started in the 1980s.