Project Description

Ballard CLC Inc. was sub-contracted by Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. to complete 2 boundary surveys of approximately 3 miles of boundary lines of lands owned by the United States of America for the expansion of the Peason Ridge military training area and impact zone. Ballard’s multiple survey crews recovered existing boundary monuments, including multiple section corners, as well as set U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s brass boundary monuments, marked boundary lines, identified encroachments onto USA property and prepared maps of the surveys. Cost: $50,560 Relevance to this Contract: – Demonstrates expertise in boundary surveying and mapping procedures that meet accuracy requirements set forth by The Fort Worth District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. – Demonstrates expertise in establishing 1st order GPS positions for horizontal and vertical survey control network by administering static observations with post processed solutions as well as RTK GPS Positions. – Demonstrates expertise in conventional surveying practices such as performing traverse loops with total stations and digital data collectors closing with exceptional precisions. – Demonstrates expertise in boundary evidence and boundary description research in preparation for field survey work. – Demonstrates expertise in delivering survey and mapping products in Auto-CADD and Micro Station, both hardcopy and digital, for easy incorporation into U.S. Army Corps of Engineer systems (.dwg, .dgn, ASCII files).